African Straw Hat - GSH6150218

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This African straw hat from Ghana is both beautiful and practical. Tightly woven and lightweight, it makes an excellent sun hat. It is natural colored and has a braided leather adjustable chin strap. It will fit a 22 1/2"-23 1/2" circumference head and the brim is 16 1/2" in diameter. It is handmade in Ghana.

If you order this hat you will receive the exact one pictured. Each one is unique and handmade, and there is only one.

To shape the hat, wet it and put it over your head, then remove it and allow it to dry. It will conform to the shape of your head and also will stretch as much as 1/4" if necessary. The brim is also easy to shape if you want a different look, such as curved up on the sides. Simply wet it and flex it to the desired shape and allow it to dry.