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Joh Makini ft Chidinma - Perfect Combo Official Music Video Posted on 30 Jul 20:40 , 0 comments

Perfect Combo is the collaboration between Tanzania’s Joh Makini and Nigeria’s Chidinma. The song relies heavily on well worn formulas for R&B and Hip Hop with a pinch of Soukous and rock. In the end it’s makes for a nice collaboration even if it is predictable. The video was directed by Justin Campos

My AFRICAN Family is EVERYTHING Posted on 30 Jul 20:19 , 0 comments

Habari gani, 
just brushing up on my swahili a little bit. Welcome to our website which has been years in the making. The goal is to connect Africa to America and show how fly the continent really is while showcasing traditional products that has been passed on through the ages. 

I was born in Kenya, brought to the US at 8 years old and planning on moving back soon with my family. While in the states I realized as my mother was running her African Shop that there needed to be a way to infuse African culture with modern style.

Well, this will be my version, attempt and journey into making sense of whats in my head while running an imports business that deals with African Fabrics, Crafts and Baskets. I would like that as you take this journey with us you eventually Buy African by Africans and thats it.. 

Here's my Tribe and who I do it all for. Thank you and God Bless

African Family