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African Everything
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About Us

Welcome to African Everything. We are a family based business that specializes in selling unique African Baskets, Fabrics and Artifacts. The African Imports Business was started by Mary Ogwel as a request by her dying mother to form something that would help Women come together to help each other step out of poverty in Kenya. She started a company soon after by the name of MAENDELEO which in Swahili means “Women’s Progress” in the early 1990's in Seattle Washington. 

Basket Mary travels to Kenya annually & imports handmade wall paintings and baskets from there & other parts of the continent from women weavers in the villages such as Ghana, South Africa, Mali & Tanzania. Mary then spends time throughout the year travelling to various parts of the USA to sell these lovely baskets at Quilting Conventions, Trade shows, State Fairs etc. She is helped by her two sons & daughter in law Otieno, Michael & Rashawnda Ogwel & as a family unit they are helping in the villagers progression.    

Through growth and necessity Mary’s oldest son Otieno and wife Shawnda began AfricanEverything to continue the route of sustainable development and progress. 

By purchasing a product from us, you are helping aide the women weavers and their villages to progress out of poverty so they can better provide for food, health & education for their families.  They are able to start small business' locally, build training facilities and improve their farming from our support as importers of their products to the US. Feel free to share our family story along with others; purchase a lovely basket as a gift to bless someone & yourself.

Thank You & God Bless